When you want to be done with fingerprints once and for all!

Hey lovelies!

The holiday season is here! I don’t know about you but the fam and I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen year-round but during the holidays we basically never leave it. 😄 Our kitchen is right off of our entry way and because of that not only is it a huge place to congregate but it’s also the drop off point for most things.

The best part about it being the hub of our home is that EVERYONE can see the mess and the clutter from all the dropping zones being constantly overwhelmed and all the hands that have been cooking, drinking, snacking, basset hounding…you get the picture, right? Unfortunately.

Maybe you can relate to this – cleaning feels temporary. For example, I can wipe down my fridge and dishwasher every night but tomorrow everyones hand prints are going to show right back up again. But wait…I’ve found a cool trick that I’m happy to pass along. I was gifted SimpleCoat – a natural stone and stainless steel sealer. It enhances the work that you’ve done by elongating the protection and look of surfaces in your home.

Since our kitchen is such a big part of our home, keeping my appliances cleaner looking longer really helps me feel better about the mess that inevitably happens every day. First I clean the mess:

Um wow

Then I use the SimpleCoat after to make the clean look last!

Check out the shine!

Here’s to taking one more thing OFF of your daily to-do list! AND the coolest part is it’s ability to be used on multiple surfaces: stone, stainless steel, wood and leather. Since it’s formula is non-toxic it’s a breeze adding it to your routine of favorite products. Find some SimpleCoat on Amazon for your home!

Here’s hoping the holidays look a little less messy!

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August Amazon Faves

2018-09-03 071129959834..jpg

Hi Lovelies!

At the inspiration of one of my favorite social media mamas, Hayley Paige, I want to start a new blog series where I share my monthly Amazon faves! And based on the poll I added to my IG story last week, you all are excited to hear more!

Amazon has quickly become one of my husband & I’s favorite places to shop. I particularly love that it sells a huge variety of items at competitive prices. With FREE 2-day shipping (sometimes 1-day) using Amazon Prime, it can’t be beat! The list I plan to share with you every month will be what I have purchased for that month and consider favorites. I warn: the list is random. 😂