Stocking Up at the Sephora Spring Savings Event

Hi lovelies!

Excited to be showing up more often on the blog and feeling re-energized with creating content for you all. Hope you enjoy today’s post! As most of you probably know, Sephora has 2 major sale events every year: one in the Spring (this year 4/9-4/19) and one in the Fall season. Since Sephora does not do coupons, and sells larger name brands which raaaarely discount anyway, this is a great time to purchase!

The discount is based on reward level status so be sure to check out what yours is and if you haven’t signed up yet you can at Sephora! I know so many people who specifically save all Sephora purchases until these events so that they get the most bang for their buck and I’m hoping to hop on that train! The discount ranges from 10-20% and can be redeemed by logging into your Beauty Insider account and using promo code: OMGSPRING

Men and women have so many choices when it comes to purchasing makeup but I feel good about supporting a brand like Sephora. I admire their commitment to diversity and inclusion and their initiative to offer accessibility to makeup with their store brand and payment options. Some people say it’s just makeup but for others makeup can transform and change lives.

In today’s post I plan on sharing the products I will purchase during this Spring Savings Event. Some of these are newer products and some are staples in my routine that I want to make sure I have stocked for when I run out…because they are that good. Ready?