Under the Sea Birthday Party Post-pandemic

Hi lovelies!

Miss Calla turned 4 earlier this week and we decided to celebrate with a mermaid/under the sea themed birthday party! It’s been almost 15 months since the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and this was our first time hosting a group of people other than our close close family members since then. It was a little scary but looking back I am so glad it happened. I hope to not only share all the cuteness of a 4-year-old’s mermaid birthday party but also talk about all the things that ran through our heads to plan a party in the safest manner we felt comfortable with.


Stocking Up at the Sephora Spring Savings Event

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Excited to be showing up more often on the blog and feeling re-energized with creating content for you all. Hope you enjoy today’s post! As most of you probably know, Sephora has 2 major sale events every year: one in the Spring (this year 4/9-4/19) and one in the Fall season. Since Sephora does not do coupons, and sells larger name brands which raaaarely discount anyway, this is a great time to purchase!

The discount is based on reward level status so be sure to check out what yours is and if you haven’t signed up yet you can at Sephora! I know so many people who specifically save all Sephora purchases until these events so that they get the most bang for their buck and I’m hoping to hop on that train! The discount ranges from 10-20% and can be redeemed by logging into your Beauty Insider account and using promo code: OMGSPRING

Men and women have so many choices when it comes to purchasing makeup but I feel good about supporting a brand like Sephora. I admire their commitment to diversity and inclusion and their initiative to offer accessibility to makeup with their store brand and payment options. Some people say it’s just makeup but for others makeup can transform and change lives.

In today’s post I plan on sharing the products I will purchase during this Spring Savings Event. Some of these are newer products and some are staples in my routine that I want to make sure I have stocked for when I run out…because they are that good. Ready?


Last Minute Baby and Toddler Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Happy Holy Week everyone! Is it just me or did Easter happen, like, waaay early this year? It’s a little overwhelming for me when I think about how fast in general this year is going. It’s going to be April soon! WHAT!?

Anyways, let’s get on to the reason why you all are here…last minute Easter basket ideas! I have put together 2 Easter baskets this year: one for a 3 year old toddler girl and one for a 1 year old baby girl. Easter was actually the first holiday we celebrated last year after coming home from the hospital with Miss Blu. This is great news for me this year because I already had her basket and liner purchased! Ah, first world problems.


A very Pandemic Pink Rainbow First Birthday


Wow, I mean it’s been months since we’ve “spoken”, right? I have to say, this whole pandemic thing shook me. Like, shook me to my core. And unfortunately my poor little blog suffered. I miss this. I missed you all. Now that we can see “normal life” on the horizon, I feel better about jumping back in. Don’t forget that if I’m ever scarce in presence here on the Sykes Fam blog then you can always find me over on Instagram or on YouTube.

My littlest turned one a weekish ago and we celebrated a very pandemic first birthday. Can you even believe that! It was just us with a couple really close family members and we spent the day together celebrating Miss Blu. If you’re new around here you may not know that I don’t share my children’s faces online. I’m actually considering removing all physical and verbal mention of them on my social media but that’s another story for a different day. For now, please enjoy this sweet photo of her high-chair set up.


When you want to be done with fingerprints once and for all!

Hey lovelies!

The holiday season is here! I don’t know about you but the fam and I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen year-round but during the holidays we basically never leave it. 😄 Our kitchen is right off of our entry way and because of that not only is it a huge place to congregate but it’s also the drop off point for most things.

The best part about it being the hub of our home is that EVERYONE can see the mess and the clutter from all the dropping zones being constantly overwhelmed and all the hands that have been cooking, drinking, snacking, basset hounding…you get the picture, right? Unfortunately.

Maybe you can relate to this – cleaning feels temporary. For example, I can wipe down my fridge and dishwasher every night but tomorrow everyones hand prints are going to show right back up again. But wait…I’ve found a cool trick that I’m happy to pass along. I was gifted SimpleCoat – a natural stone and stainless steel sealer. It enhances the work that you’ve done by elongating the protection and look of surfaces in your home.

Since our kitchen is such a big part of our home, keeping my appliances cleaner looking longer really helps me feel better about the mess that inevitably happens every day. First I clean the mess:

Um wow

Then I use the SimpleCoat after to make the clean look last!

Check out the shine!

Here’s to taking one more thing OFF of your daily to-do list! AND the coolest part is it’s ability to be used on multiple surfaces: stone, stainless steel, wood and leather. Since it’s formula is non-toxic it’s a breeze adding it to your routine of favorite products. Find some SimpleCoat on Amazon for your home!

Here’s hoping the holidays look a little less messy!

#simplecoat #changethewayyouseal





Calla has been two for over an entire month…or so… I figured it might as well be time for me to share with you all the highlights of her entire second birthday party day! At least I got to it before she turned 18, right? 🙂 It was a beautiful day, hot but cloudy so not the unbearable heat we’ve been dealing with here more recently. We had some of our closest friends and family over for a more intimate affair & Calla still calls our dining room her birthday room. <3 Here’s a small glimpse why…


Ultimate Mother’s Day Splurge Ideas

Hi lovelies!

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve last posted here on my blog! I knew I couldn’t pass up creating a post for Mother’s Day because it means so much more to me every year that passes.

I remember when I was much younger telling my parents every year that it didn’t make sense…why was there a “Mother’s Day” and a “Father’s Day” and NO. KID’S. DAY? I chuckle at my young naivete and can answer this question 10x over now. My Mother would always respond that “every day is kid’s day,” and no truer words have been spoken. We as parents (ahem, and more specifically Mothers, amiright?) bust our behinds every moment of every day for our kid/s. The amount of finagling that it takes to run a household and live semi-productive lives is insane here in 2019 so what better excuse do we need than to reward ourselves for such repetitive sacrifice.

I think we can all agree, Mothers specially are angels sent down from Heaven. We are the CEOs of our individual households – cooking (sometimes), cleaning (also sometimes), packing bags, wiping booties, brushing teeth, kissing boo boos, researching the best schools, scheduling EVERYTHING, rocking every single task we are given and NEVER ever putting ourselves first. So now, mamas, it’s our day. A day you should literally ask for anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. You f*cking deserve it and for the love, please don’t waste anyone’s time trying to convince otherwise. I have compiled all the things on my Mother’s Day splurge list to share with you all in hopes you are inspired to ask for the same things or come up with something else equally as bomb. These gifts can easily be applied to your own mothas as well because she’s straight up amazing too. Let’s begin. 


Holiday Bucket List

Hello holiday lovelies!

The holiday season is officially in full swing! This year will be our first spending the holidays in our new home & we can’t be more overjoyed about it.

The kick-off was Halloween which was so much fun. This was Calla’s second Halloween and now that she’s a little bit older she had a better understanding of the experience. She was so cute dressed up in her ghost costume. If you missed it, the costume Calla wore was my costume from 30 years ago. My mom sewed it and saved it, thank goodness, because Calla was one adorable ghosty!

Thanksgiving was also one for the books. We hosted family for the first time in our own home. Spending extended time with family, laughing & eating good food will be a memory that lasts in our hearts forever.

Christmas is bringing up the tail end of the season and is sure to be epic. Now that we are in our new home, Donald and I want to focus on creating our own family traditions for the season. One thing we have planned to do this season is creating and fulfilling a holiday bucket list! If you’re interested in hearing more and seeing what’s on our holiday bucket list this year, then read on!


November Amazon Faves

Alright lovelies, you know the drill!

Up next…this month’s favorite Amazon purchases…

Don’t forget, so many of the ideas from today’s post, October’s and September’s would make amazing gifts so if you are still searching this holiday season, remember these unique faves!


How to Fall in Love with Noodles

Hi lovelies!

Blog content has been churning out like none other these past few weeks, amiright? Can I get a woo-hoo for that!? 🙂 Not only has this holiday season already been a whirlwind, but it’s been the best holiday season yet. Spending this time in our new home, decorating, eating good food, hosting events with family…there’s truly nothing more special.

I’ve also loved getting to know all of you more through the content I share. It makes me happy to divulge all of my favorite tips and tricks, especially when it’s during a hectic, busy season like right now. I know that I need all the help that I can get as a toddler mama, basset hound mama, wife, domestic engineer, etc. etc. etc. and I appreciate when other ladies/mamas share their favorites or what’s working best for them. It’s an easy way to continue to lift one another up and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! As always, let me know if there’s ever any additional questions you may have or certain topics you’d like to hear more from me on. My email is always open!

With that said…let’s get on to another one of my favorite topics…noodles.