Ultimate Mother’s Day Splurge Ideas

Hi lovelies!

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve last posted here on my blog! I knew I couldn’t pass up creating a post for Mother’s Day because it means so much more to me every year that passes.

I remember when I was much younger telling my parents every year that it didn’t make sense…why was there a “Mother’s Day” and a “Father’s Day” and NO. KID’S. DAY? I chuckle at my young naivete and can answer this question 10x over now. My Mother would always respond that “every day is kid’s day,” and no truer words have been spoken. We as parents (ahem, and more specifically Mothers, amiright?) bust our behinds every moment of every day for our kid/s. The amount of finagling that it takes to run a household and live semi-productive lives is insane here in 2019 so what better excuse do we need than to reward ourselves for such repetitive sacrifice.

I think we can all agree, Mothers specially are angels sent down from Heaven. We are the CEOs of our individual households – cooking (sometimes), cleaning (also sometimes), packing bags, wiping booties, brushing teeth, kissing boo boos, researching the best schools, scheduling EVERYTHING, rocking every single task we are given and NEVER ever putting ourselves first. So now, mamas, it’s our day. A day you should literally ask for anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. You f*cking deserve it and for the love, please don’t waste anyone’s time trying to convince otherwise. I have compiled all the things on my Mother’s Day splurge list to share with you all in hopes you are inspired to ask for the same things or come up with something else equally as bomb. These gifts can easily be applied to your own mothas as well because she’s straight up amazing too. Let’s begin. 



Woah woah. Before you click out, hear me out. Yes, flowers are traditional and super expected. I basically expect flowers every day, right? 🙂 For Mother’s Day, why not ask for something a little bit more splurgey? Que The Million Roses. The Million Roses are the most affordable eternity roses. You’ve seen them everywhere online, right? First the Kardashians and now all of your favorite mama influencers are pictured with them. These babies are a pretty penny but an amazing splurge. Who doesn’t love the look of fresh flowers every day for…basically…ever? If you’re interested in seeing a full review on these pretties, head over to my YouTube channel and watch my honest opinion in my latest video!



This too, I know, a very traditional choice but honestly, there are SO. MANY. AMAZING. PIECES. of jewelry out right now that it’s insane. From the marbled resin look at Target, to the ever popular druzy look from the epic Kendra Scott, there are so many beautiful pretties that would add a special touch to your every day. I have three specific splurges for this category so buckle up. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me talk to you all about this before. I LOVE Rocksbox. They are a subscription box jewelry service where you can receive and try out new pieces of jewelry without having to purchase. Follow the Rocksbox link and use my code: DONALDBFF8 to get your first month free! It’s seriously an amazing service.

  • Personalized

Believe it or not, Etsy is an amazing place to find super unique jewelry. I have had my eye on one particular piece and am pretty confident it’s hiding somewhere in my house. 🙂 I love the idea behind personalized jewelry because to us mamas it means that much more. If I do get to open this beauty on Mother’s Day, I will be sure to share the final product!

Pro tip: If you see something on Etsy that you really want to purchase, add it to your cart and wait a day. More often than not an email will be triggered that will include a discount code for you to use!

  • MantraBand

This sweet company combines mantras with jewelry. What’s more inspirational than wearing your very own mantra? I particularly love the Super Mom bangle and find that every time I’m having a weak moment in my day I can look at that particular mantra and feel instantly re-energized in my passion as a kick ace super mom. Find a mantra that means something to you or give one to your mama that means something to her. 



Mamas are constantly buying the latest and greatest clothing for their kiddos. Whether it’s second hand or brand new, kids grow out of clothes like crazy and the need to buy more is unavoidable. Calla is always dressed to the nines wherever we go, whether it’s the library or church, meanwhile, I’m dressed in clothes from 10+ years ago with my usual mom bun. This Mother’s Day is your time to reup some of your faves or splurge on something fun that, dare I say, you will only wear once. I particularly have my eye on this piece from Free People. If you are coming to Calla’s birthday party I hope you see me wearing this. 🙂 How old and ratty are those favorite pair of black leggings, mama? Splurge!



This week I am going in for a full blown hair transformation. The last time I treated myself to a hair cut was over 8 months ago. For someone who rocks semi long hair that’s not exactly horrific, but compared to my husband’s preferred weekly cuts, I’d say I’m getting shorted in this category. I will be splurging on a hair cut AND a renewed bayalage treatment. If you didn’t see my first experience, check out this IG post! I am so excited because I think this is the perfect mom highlight option: you can make it subtle for every day wear but at the same time it can really vamp up your look. This time around I am hoping for less of a golden blonde and more of an ashy one. Stay tuned over on my IG to see the final look!

Instead, or in addition to some time at the salon, why not splurge on some that fabulous hair care you’ve been eyeing for however long? Is it something from Target that’s just a bit too expensive, or is it something your hair dresser uses on you every time that you love the smell of? Invest in yourself and you will notice the difference! You use some sort of hair care product every single day. Why not make it count and make yourself feel amazing in the process!



This last category can go a lot of different ways and I’m happy to include some of my favorite suggestions obviously. Self care can be completed in a lot of different ways whether that’s a quick morning meditation session or a full day at a Hawaiian spa (if I have a choice, that’s what I would pick :p)…whatever it is…you are absolutely worth it. So if it’s something you can feasibly swing, don’t you feel guilty for one moment taking care of yourself. 

  • Nail Care

I personally love to have pedicures on the semi-regular. Ever since being pregnant and literally not being able to bend over enough to care for my own toes I never stopped making pedicures a priority. It may seem insignificant but having my feet manicured on the regular makes life a lot more enjoyable to walk in my shoes (specifically not having to worry about avoiding open toed shoes is on point).

  • Spa Time

I would LOVE to make massages a regular part of my routine but the price is still a bit too much for that. Massages are a perfect SPLURGE gift in my opinion and they have made them so customizable these days that everyone can find their perfect session. Aside from massages there are a lot of options for personal care to look into to at spas. I have a friend that loves getting pampered with a facial. Do whatever will refill your cup!

  • Hire it Done

This particular bullet point is my favorite. Seriously. You are so busy. I know this first hand. So busy that life sometimes feels like it’s just one big to-do list. At night you throw yourself into bed exhausted yet you feel like you didn’t really experience anything. Sound familiar? You were physically present with your kid/s but maybe you were mentally elsewhere, kind of like that beautiful mind meme but instead of a bunch of calculus it’s your life and how you’re going to accomplish everything and remain semi-successful. One huge way to solve this problem? Hire out whatever you can. Sit down and write all your tasks down if you have to. It make take a while. Figure out what you’re doing that may be outsourced reasonably. Mowing, personal assistance, meal prep, the list goes on and on. Consider the pros and cons of spending money vs. the amount of time saved. We recently have done this exact thing in a lot of different ways and the amount of time we have freed up is amazing and now we are able to be more focused on family time or larger tasks we haven’t had time to address. Do yourself a favor and seriously consider this idea.



WOW that was a lot of ideas! I sincerely love gift giving. I enjoy the process of making each gift special and extra meaningful. I hope this post not only gives you the inspiration to splurge this Mother’s Day, but also encourages you to splurge on your mama as well. If you have a mama still here on earth feel grateful. A lot of these ideas can be applied to more than one holiday. 😉  If there’s interest, I will plan on doing the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide as well! Let me know by leaving me a comment below or DM me on Instagram. If I’m honest, the only gift idea for my Father’s Day guide would be to put a bow on your head. 🙂



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