How to Fall in Love with Noodles

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Blog content has been churning out like none other these past few weeks, amiright? Can I get a woo-hoo for that!? ๐Ÿ™‚ Not only has this holiday season already been a whirlwind, but it’s been the best holiday season yet. Spending this time in our new home, decorating, eating good food, hosting events with family…there’s truly nothing more special.

I’ve also loved getting to know all of you more through the content I share. It makes me happy to divulge all of my favorite tips and tricks, especially when it’s during a hectic, busy season like right now. I know that I need all the help that I can get as a toddler mama, basset hound mama, wife, domestic engineer, etc. etc. etc. and I appreciate when other ladies/mamas share their favorites or what’s working best for them. It’s an easy way to continue to lift one another up and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! As always, let me know if there’s ever any additional questions you may have or certain topics you’d like to hear more from me on. My email is always open!

With that said…let’s get on to another one of my favorite topics…noodles.


Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Noodles? That’s random…what does that have to do with tips, tricks, and a busy holiday season?” Well…if I’m being totally honest, it’s about one of my secret weapons – Noodles & Company. Seriously. Noodles are a secret weapon of mine. When you’ve had a long day of Christmas shopping – noodles are there for you. When you’ve had an over the top day with your toddler – noodles are there for you. When you have missed date night after date night with your significant other – noodles are there for you. Let me share all the reasons I’m obsessed specifically with noodles & more at Noodles & Company.

  • Tasty

If you have ever had Noodles & Company as a meal, snack, treat, you can vouch as well…they have some tasty stuff! From traditional meals like spaghetti & meatballs, to more exotic dishes like the Japanese Pan Noodles, Noodles&Co. knows what they are doing in the kitchen. With an ever expanding menu, you and everyone you love are certain to find a favorite!

  • Nutritious

With as many options as Noodles & Company has, the choice to be “healthy” or splurge is a spectrum.ย  No matter what you decide, they offer great ingredients that make you feel good about what you’re eating.


  • Allergy Friendly

Gluten-free – Yes!

Vegetarian – Yes!

Vegan – Yes!

Dairy Free – Yes!

Again, with so many available options on their menu, the individual needs of you and your family can be catered to without sacrificing taste!


  • Convenient

This fast-casual restaurant has over 400+ locations. Find one near you and even have the convenience of online ordering. Don’t worry about missing out, their food tastes just as good at home as it does in the restaurant. And what more needs to be said about the convenience of someone else cooking for you!

  • Toddler Approved

One of the biggest reasons I consider Noodles & Company to be a secret weapon is because it is “Calla approved”. For those who are new, or those who haven’t been paying attention :p, Calla is my 17 month old daughter. She is definitely in the typical toddler stage in a lot of areas – food being one of them. Whether or not she will eat a meal is pretty much always up in the air. Her mood, appetite and taste buds seem to change on the hour & there’s nothing worse than seeing your child refuse to eat something you spent so much time preparing. With Noodles & Company I feel comfortable knowing she will eat!

  • Date Night

Lastly, as the majority of my audience are parents, I am certain you can relate. Date nights are hard. 1 night out a month with just your spouse? How hard can that be? Basically impossible actually. It’s easy to get caught up in life, especially during such a busy season. But Donald and I have found date night to be really beneficial for our relationship as husband and wife and as our roles as parents. We have made it a goal to try as hard as we can to make it a priority! One way date night happens is choosing a hassle-free, amazing place like Noodles & Company. Talk about relationship goals! ๐Ÿ™‚


Speaking of relationship goals, now is a fabulous time to check out Noodles & Company for the first or the hundredth time because this December (that’s right folks, tomorrow is in fact December!!) they are asking YOU, their guests, to fall in love with Noodles all over again during Noodle Days! For 11 days, every “date” you make with Noodles and Company December 3rd-14th through NoodlesREWARDS, not only reaffirms your love but will also earn you a discount! & My favorite part (as a frequent flyer) is the more you commit, the more you will be rewarded!


Don’t miss out on bonus days by downloading the NoodlesREWARDS app, use my invite code ‘AlyseSykes7773’ and turning your notifications on. If this is your first time joining NoodlesREWARDS you will also receive a $3 off sign-up offer. Dates with Noodles & Company are easy to book – simply order through your NoodlesREWARDS app, scan your phone at the restaurant register, scan the barcode on your receipt, OR redeem an award while making an additional purchase.


The Noodle Days #RelationshipGoals promotion include discounts like 2 check-ins = $2 off, 3 check-ins = $3 off a $10 order, 4 check-ins = $4 off a $10 order, and 5 check-ins = $5 off a $10 order.ย ย Even if it’s near impossible to catch every date night with your significant other, “date night” is easy with Noodles & Company because they never miss a chance to be there for you! Have you fallen in love with noodles yet?


Straight up sincerely,




***This blog post was a part of a sponsorship with Noodles & Company. As always my opinion is honest and my own & should not be taken as professional advice.

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