October Amazon Favorites

Hi lovelies!

Can you actually believe it!?! It is November! Ahhh! This is not a drill, this is not a drill! 😂

I have barely started on my Christmas shopping, which I usually do sooner rather than later, and it’s stressing me out! I really love the process of Christmas shopping. I like to plan for gift giving all year long. A tip I have for gift ideas is to keep track of when your loved ones say, “ooo I really want ___.” I take note of that all year long and then feel more prepared for giving the best gifts! Where are you at on your holiday shopping?

And what about holiday decor? When will you guys be decorating for the holidays – before November 15th or after? I usually want Christmas decor up the second I take Halloween down, but this year is different. I don’t know if it’s because I’m trying to make time slow down or what, but I feel like if I put up all my Christmas decor that means it’s right around the corner and I want to enjoy November, gosh darnit! At the same time, I put Christmas decor up early because I want to enjoy it for as long as possible. It’s a conundrum for sure. haha! Maybe I will just slowly decorate this year. We shall see!

With all that said, I love doing these monthly Amazon favorites blog posts as it would be a great reference for anyone looking for great, unique gifts. I also plan on completing a gift guide (stocking stuffers included) to come out mid-November so stay tuned!

Now…let’s get into the favorite Amazon purchases for this month! Adios, October. You were pretty amazing.

1. Amazon Batteries

*No link or picture because of Amazon Associate program restrictions*

Did you know Amazon had their own brand of batteries? I did not but I’m so glad to have come across them! With the holidays coming up, you know there will be tons of gifts that require batteries, especially if you’re a parent. I used these batteries in one of my L.E.D. pumpkins and a different set of batteries in my other L.E.D. pumpkin. The pumpkin with these batteries has honestly stayed brightly lit while the other has dimmed drastically. Love their quality so don’t be without batteries on Christmas morning and check these out!

2. Dishwasher Rinse aide

I recently had another lightbulb moment – the dishes and utensils my daughter uses to eat are washed by cleaners that I have never fully evaluated. And when I say that I mean that I typically try to use the “greenest” products, especially since having Calla, because I want to protect the planet when I can but I’m also concerned with anything that my daughter consumes or comes into contact with. I’ve since decided to change to Seventh Generation dishwasher products and I can feel better about this part of our daily routine.

3. Gertie Ball

This ball is not like the others. We came across this ball during a children’s music class with Calla. The ball bounces, is lightweight and can easy mold to be grabable by little hands. Calla loves this ball and I love that it’s made just for kids her age!

4. KU Flag

In one of my most recent VLOGS, I filmed Donald installing our new KU flag. As KU grads, and because the previous owners had a flag holder installed, we knew we needed a flag to support our favorite team – especially as basketball season starts! If you’ve been looking for any type of flag or flag holder, be sure to check out the selection at Amazon!

5. Grill Cover

This is pretty self explanatory, right? Donald has a grill off the backyard patio. Him and my Dad recently hauled all the outdoor furniture in and down to the basement but we don’t do that with the grill. This cover is actually a bit bigger than his grill but that’s ok because it gives us extra space to have the entire piece covered. I’m hoping that by doing this his grill will hold up longer!

6. Oxiclean Stain Fighter

I mentioned in a blog post or two ago that I had found an amazing laundry detergent color booster. Which I did! But this product is even better! Not only have I noticed an even larger improvement in the color brightness on everything from sheets to Calla’s clothes, but these come in a pod which makes it so convenient to just toss in the washer. I feel like I’ve stepped up my laundry game recently for sure!

7. Pack-a-band

As a sneak peek, this is the first Christmas gift I’ve purchased. It is a band in a backpack and I’m giving it to…..drumroll…..Donald! 😂 J/k J/k This will be one of Calla’s Christmas gifts. As I’ve mentioned, Calla really enjoys any type of music class her and I attend. The majority of the musical items in this backpack are ones that she has seen and tried out in her music classes. I’m certain she will enjoy it and I’m so excited to give it to her!

That. Is. It! For this month’s Amazon Favorites. If you have purchased any recent favorites off of Amazon, be sure to include those in a comment below!

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