September Amazon Faves

Hi Lovelies!

Happy October 1st! 🎃

I seriously can NOT believe September is over! 😱 Am I the only one who felt like it went by in the blink of an eye? Although now that October is here, we can be in full holiday swing right?

I enjoyed last months Amazon Faves post so I am happy to continue the series this month! I didn’t have as many favorites this time around compared to last month but the ones I am going to share are SO GOOD! I also have an Amazon wishlist that I’m excited about so hoping to purchase, receive and share some lovely stuff with you all in the next few months!

Let’s get into it, shall we!

1. Pompeian Cooking Spray, Coconut Oil, 5 Ounce“>Pompeian Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

Hahahah – that’s probably what you’re doing, right? Well STOP IT! 😂 This stuff is the bomb! Anyone else still say that? Just me? Cool. But seriously, I love so many things about this nonstick spray: it’s priced right, it’s got the easiest and nicest dispenser, and it’s made with coconut oil! It’s the small things that make you happy sometimes.

2. Play Scarves

These things have been SUCH A HIT you guys! Calla and I go to music class, the library, story time, and everywhere we go they have scarf time. Calla loves it! And so do the rest of the kids. It took me months to realize, “Hey! I need to order some of these for home!” I’m so glad I did! Calla loves them just as much at home and they provide so much time for creativity. Mom win for sure.

3. VetriScience Dog Pro/Prebiotic

Our basset hound, Darla, has had G.I. issues since she was born. We purchase a special food for her and also aim to give her a probiotic to help her feel the best and avoid as many health issues as possible. The pet probiotic game is a little crazy. We used a specific brand for a while & loved it, but then they got rid of it. We’ve had a hard time finding one we like ever since. These are capsules that we put into pill pockets and so far so good! I also love that I can see these were an Amazon’s Choice product which makes me feel more confident about a purchase on something I’m not 100% certain.

4. Outdoor Blanket

Lastly, we were gifted this outdoor blanket from Riccir. If you guys have seen my recent affordable Target Haul vlog, you will know how much we use an outdoor blanket. From the ballfield to storytime in the park, it is SO handy to have a blanket specifically made for outdoors to help you weather the elements. Calla even loves it when we go outside and spread the blanket down in the yard for playtime. I’m so in love with this print too!

That is it for this month’s Amazon Faves post. Leave me a comment down below with anything you’ve recently purchased on Amazon that has become a fave of yours!

Excited to see what October’s Amazon purchases will bring!

Straight up sincerely,


*As always, the post above is of my opinion and should not be taken as professional advice in any way. Some of the links above may be affiliate links which do not cost you any extra as a purchaser.

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