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Today’s blog post is about MUST HAVES for your baby 0-3 months old. My daughter recently turned 3 months old and, like I wrote in my post “3 things I wish I knew about becoming a Mom”, I feel like we are coming out of the thick of it. The first 3 months spent with your newborn are so hard! Our little one rarely slept and constantly nursed so let me tell you, we tried almost everything under the sun to help cope. Out of all the baby products we purchased I thought I’d share our favorites that actually helped. Products are linked!

1.Owlet Smart Sock  

The Owlet is the #1 recommendation I would give to all moms. This little sock monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and is something we use when our baby is sleeping. If there is ever an unsafe dip in either of those things, the base station will alarm. I can’t tell you how much easier it is for me to sleep at night knowing my baby is being monitored.  I know the Owlet has a reputation of giving false alarms but they recently updated and came out with version 2.0. In our experience, with the updates they made, false alarms are rare. From my perspective, even if false alarms were still an issue, I would rather that then nothing. I love that it has an app too! Whenever I want I can easily check on her stats. I know it has a larger price tag but as you will find, sleep and peace of mind is priceless.

2. Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

You bring your brand new baby home from the hospital and one big thing you’ll have to decide on is where baby will sleep. We chose the Halo Bassinet because we wanted baby to be in our same room but not in our bed. The Halo Bassinet was perfect for us because it allowed us to do that with tons of perks. The bassinet swivels so that you can push and pull it to be exactly where you need, the side bar pushes down for easier access to baby (this feature also locks when necessary), and the model we chose has a ton of bells and whistles including a nightlight, sound, vibration, nursing timer and pockets for storage. If your baby won’t sleep its nice to have the option to try those different things to help soothe. The base on this is huge and heavy for obvious reasons but once I got used to it, I was able to maneuver it in the pitch dark.

3. DockATot Deluxe

We have and still use the Dockatot Deluxe. If you read up on the Dockatot you’ll see it was made to recreate the secure feeling of the womb and is often used with cosleeping. We popped ours in the Halo Bassinet and were good to go. I love that the Dockatot is portable. Even though we might not be able to pack-up the Halo Bassinet, we can bring the Dockatot easily wherever we travel. This allows us to keep the baby’s sleeping environment super similar to the one at home. Be sure to buy extra covers. Baby will make messes on this thing and since it suggests air-drying you’ll want extras. Dockatot comes in a larger size as well so its able to grow with your little one.

4. Sound MachineDohm Natural Sound Machine and Hatch Baby Rest

I personally love sleeping with a fan. Heck our basset hound requires a fan to sleep. And so when my daughter was born, I hoped she would prefer white noise of some kind when she slept. Turns out the times my daughter will sleep are definitely helped by our sound machines. We live on a busier street, and like I mentioned own a hound, so we use both a Dohm Sound Machine and the Hatch Baby Rest. The Dohm is the best white noise machine out there in my opinion. The Hatch Baby Rest incorporates sound and a nightlight, making those middle of the night wakings a little easier. The Hatch Baby Rest has so many features that we don’t use yet at my daughter’s age but this will allow us to continue to use it as she grows. It also has an app, making it easy to control even when you’re not in the room!

5. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

The Hatch Baby Changing Table has so many features besides being a cool place to change your baby. It is a baby scale and has an app that allows you to track baby’s weight, diapers, feedings and naps. Basically everything you could ask for in those first few weeks/months. After my daughter was born I experienced several different complications. This made the start of our nursing journey very difficult causing us to be concerned about our daughter’s weight. Having this changing table at home made the stress of those first few weeks manageable. And even though the weight issue was short lived we still use the Hatch Baby Changing Table today.

6. 4Moms Infant Tub

I remember when we were registering and trying to decide on a baby bathtub. There are SO many options, on top of the fact that you could just use your sink, BUT the 4moms Bathtub is far above the rest. The main thing I love about this baby bathtub is that it has a built in thermometer. When you are running the bath water it will tell you exactly what temperature the water is at and what the optimal temperature is. This is huge since you want your baby to love taking baths!. The bathtub also has multiple plugs allowing for easy draining and refill if baby has an accident. Its not the most comfortable for baby (none of them are) and its a little big for smaller infants so we purchased a foam bathtub insert to use and it worked like a charm!

7. Fridababy NoseFrida

As gross as this product looks, it works. And when your baby’s little nose is even the slightest bit stuffy you want something that works. We use this on the daily with the help of a little baby nose saline.  The Frida Baby brand makes a lot of ingenious baby products!

8. Baby Carrier – Solly Baby Wrap and MiaMily 3D Hipster Baby Carrier

I personally have the Solly Baby Wrap as well as the MiaMily 3D Hipster Baby Carrier. I preferred the wrap for when baby was an infant as it keep her closer to my body. The Solly Baby Wrap is lightweight and doesn’t stretch out so you don’t have to constantly tighten or re-wrap. (www.sollybaby.com) If your baby is anything like mine she became independent from an early age and once she could even semi-sit up she wanted a carrier that allowed her more room to do that while still being close. Que the MiaMily! The MiaMily 3D Hipster Baby Carrier converts to 9! different carrying positions and even include an actual sitting ledge for baby. You gotta see it! Either way a baby carrier allows you to hold baby and keep them close but gives you the option to have your hands free. Hello multi-tasking!

9. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

As I mentioned before, my daughter loved trying to sit up from an earlier age. Between that and the fact she rarely slept I think she has a severe case of F.O.M.O. 😂 She loves to be sitting up and seeing the world as much as she can. The Fisher-Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat allows her to sit with assistance and not be missing out on anything! Its a great item to have for when your baby is ready.

10. 2017 Uppababy Vista & Mesa

I can’t say enough good things about this stroller and car seat combo. The 2017 Uppababy Mesa is an infant car seat. It is incredibly easy to take in and out of your vehicle and it attaches very easily to the 2017 Uppababy Vista Stroller. If you chose the “Henry” color, the material is made from wool and is free of flame retardant chemicals. The 2017 Uppababy Vista Stroller maneuvers like a dream and comes with a bassinet or seat option. All 3 stroller options (car seat, bassinet, seat) are very easy to interchange. The stroller has a ton of storage and options to add things like a cup holder and organizer. The 2018 model is offering additional upgrades that are going to be offered to older models as attachments as well. The Vista also has attachments available allowing it to convert to a double stroller. The take-down and set-up is really easy. Even though it takes up a bit more space then say an umbrella stroller, its the stroller that can do it all and we love it!

Those are the products that we use and consider MUST HAVES for a 0-3 month old baby. We seriously have purchased almost every baby product under the sun so please feel free to reach out if you have questions about a particular product the wasn’t mentioned – I might have an opinion for you! I didn’t include things like diapers, wipes, swaddles, clothes, bath products, etc. on this list because I believe those are very unique choices based off of your baby’s particular needs. However, if you do have questions about those items I would happily share our experience.

What do you think? Do you love these products too or have different baby products you and your family can’t live without? Share below!

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*As always, do your own research or discuss with a doctor which products to use and the safety of their use before you make your a decision.  This post is merely a presentation of my opinion. This post includes affiliate links – I receive a small commission through purchases. (This does not cost you any extra!)*

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  1. Amen to that! I have 2 per car, bought them for my parents’ cars, and we are all hooked. I go to friends cars now and I try to mag mount my phone and they don’t have one and I’m like wtf? where’s the mag mount?

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