Quick make-up routine for new Moms

As a new Mom of a 3 month old baby girl, I understand how precious time is. Every spare moment is spent rushing to sleep, or to feed and bathe yourself. I also understand that when you do find that rare time to leave your home, or if you decide to have the type of company over who have never seen the 3-months-no-sleep version of you, that maybe you’d like to at least have the option of covering up some of the “mombie”. The routine I have created for such moments is super quick and simple yet reliable for bringing back some of that pregnancy glow. 😏

First, concealer. If you don’t have a go-to concealer in your arsenal then for the love, get one! I personally reach for one by RMS Beauty. Its non-toxic, cruelty free and is honestly the best, most natural looking concealer I’ve ever used. This one piece of makeup is a game changer. Slap some on all your trouble spots and coat your undereyes. There! Now it looks like you’ve gotten at least gotten 1 hour of sleep.

Two, powder. Powder isn’t as necessary as concealer but it has its uses. Sometimes if you use just concealer the areas it was used on are highlighted. Not so cute nor helpful at taking you out of the mombie game. I guess that’s why people choose to incorporate foundation? I hate that stuff and no one has time for that! Powder gives a nice even finish. At least you’ll be a mombie with a nice finish.

Third, mascara. If I was in a totally weird scenario where I could only have 1 piece of make-up to use forever and ever it would be mascara. One goes from mombie to bright-eyed and awake with this stuff. If you only have 30 seconds, choose mascara. My holy grail mascara is Dior Blackout. Don’t roll your eyes. Its pricey but life changing.

Lastly, if you’re like me, you’re able to swipe some blush on your cheeks with just your brush (que make-up brush cleaning routine), slap some chapstick on and hit the door!

I’ve had enough practice that it takes me maybe 5 minutes to go from mombie to refreshed mombie. Check-out my specific favs below! You’re welcome. What are some of your favorite, easy-to-use make-up products??

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Here are links to my specific favorites that help me get out the door quick! Links below are affiliate links – I receive a small commission through purchases. (This does not cost you any extra!)

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder – 03 (Light Beige w/ Neutral & Slightly Pink Undertone) 9.2g/0.3oz

Un Cover-Up by rms beauty – Color 11

Christian Dior Diorshow Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara – Color 090

If you need or can only get one product, GET THIS MASCARA!

This post may contain affiliate links. When you buy through these links it helps me out and does not cost you any extra!

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