Stocking Up at the Sephora Spring Savings Event

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Excited to be showing up more often on the blog and feeling re-energized with creating content for you all. Hope you enjoy today’s post! As most of you probably know, Sephora has 2 major sale events every year: one in the Spring (this year 4/9-4/19) and one in the Fall season. Since Sephora does not do coupons, and sells larger name brands which raaaarely discount anyway, this is a great time to purchase!

The discount is based on reward level status so be sure to check out what yours is and if you haven’t signed up yet you can at Sephora! I know so many people who specifically save all Sephora purchases until these events so that they get the most bang for their buck and I’m hoping to hop on that train! The discount ranges from 10-20% and can be redeemed by logging into your Beauty Insider account and using promo code: OMGSPRING

Men and women have so many choices when it comes to purchasing makeup but I feel good about supporting a brand like Sephora. I admire their commitment to diversity and inclusion and their initiative to offer accessibility to makeup with their store brand and payment options. Some people say it’s just makeup but for others makeup can transform and change lives.

In today’s post I plan on sharing the products I will purchase during this Spring Savings Event. Some of these are newer products and some are staples in my routine that I want to make sure I have stocked for when I run out…because they are that good. Ready?

One last thing before we jump in, as a reminder, some of the links I use on my platforms are affiliate or commissionable meaning I get a small commission on those links when you shop through them. The commission is minimal and this does not have an impact on your price as the shopper. Please know that by shopping through my links you are supporting a family directly and I appreciate that greatly!

Sol de Janeiro - Bom Dia Brightâ„¢ Body Cream 8.1 oz/ 240 mL

First up, let’s start with a fun new product I’m excited about – the BOM DIA BRIGHT CREAM by Sol de Janeiro

I have used a few Sol de Janeiro products in the past but the smell of each previous line was too overpowering for me. I’m someone with sensitive skin and a very sensitive nose. Their original line of Bum Bum cream makes me think of buttered popcorn once it’s applied and that’s not exactly my summer jam. 🙂 But this…this Bom Dia Bright Cream smells so similar to one of my favorite perfumes (Flowerbomb – linked below) that I had to splurge. Not only is the smell amazing but it also retexturizes with Fruit AHAs and Vitamin C to reveal visibly brighter, smoother skin. Hoping this will also help with my history of KP. The size of the jar is decent but still, at $45/jar ($20 for the mini), this body cream won’t be used by me on the daily but more for special occasion. Lucky for us this cream goes a long way and the scent lasts for days…legit. I was able to snag a sample during my last order which is what got me hooked so look for a sample size in your rewards points or head to a store to smell!


Supergoop! - Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ 1.7 oz/ 50 mL Clean at Sephora

Next up is another new product – the Unseen Sunscreen by Supergoop!

Your girl is in her mid-thirties now and the more research I do to maintain my aging skin, the more I see one thing being listed over and over as the most important product: face sunscreen. Now this may be something you’ve already implemented but when I was growing up tanning beds were in the height of their glory. It was all about the sun oil not the sun screen so I’ve had to totally reshift my thinking over the years and I still don’t wear sunscreen on the daily. *gasp* I know. But we are about to change that! One of the reasons I don’t use sunscreen every day is because I’ve never found one I totally loved using on the regular. I knew it was important but the chalky white ones that left a cast or the ones that dripped down my face and felt thick kept my use of it to the minimum. The Supergoop! brand has quite the following but this Unseen Sunscreen is the first experience I’ll have with the brand. Love that they are vegan, cruelty free, and reef-safe.

There are 3 sizes ranging in price from $20-40 and it advertises as a totally weightless, scentless and invisible face SPF doubling as a make-up gripping primer! Win! (even though I wear very minimum makeup in the Summer) With SPF 40 and water/sweat resistance, I am excited to add this into my daily routine for all seasons.


Verb - Ghost Weightless Hair Oil 2 oz/ 60 mL

Next up, a new favorite of mine -the Ghost Weightless Hair Oil by VERB

In high school I had a huge shift in the texture of my hair. Now, after having 2 babies, my hair has thinned out substantially and remains very oily at the roots but very dry on the ends. I have seen so many hair oils recommended over the years and I’ve tried a number of them, all of which ended up making my hair even oilier and weighed down even when applied only on the ends. I’m so excited about the results so many people with similar hair to mine have had with this hair oil. It promises weightlessness yet also hydration and smoothing effects for all hair types. If you’re in a similar boat this $18 oil may be worth trying!


LANEIGE - Lip Sleeping Mask Sweet Candy 0.70 oz/ 20 g

The next product is a new one that will forever be a staple – the Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige

This product is one lots of people rave over. I actually almost purchased this right before Christmas in 2019 because I was in a Sephora store then stocking up on another product I’ll share below and saw people going crazy over the holiday set. I knew nothing about the product or brand so I decided I didn’t need it but I wish I would have just went with my gut and bought it because then I would have been reaping benefits for a lot longer. This is a lip mask you leave on overnight and it helps with dryness and fine lines. The morning after using this product for the first time I woke up and looked like I had gotten lip filler. Not kidding. I use this twice a week and notice a significant difference in the look and feel of my lips. Bonus is there’s tons of “flavors” to choose from.


belif - The True Cream Aqua Bomb Limited Edition 3.38 oz/ 100 mL Clean at Sephora

Now let’s talk about some holy grail products. First – the true cream – aqua bomb by belif

This product has been my go-to nighttime moisturizer for over a decade. I’m not kidding. I first heard about this product from YouTuber Laura Lee years and years ago and I’m so glad I did. I used to have combination skin that got so dry in the Winter season I had issues with flaking but this product has evened out my skin’s moisture so well. This product has a gel-like formula that has really intense hydration but with a light feel to it. Neutragena actually makes a drug store product that is so so similar to the branding of this product which I’ve tried because it’s substantially more affordable BUT the Neutragena product leaves my face feeling like it has a film all over it and I cannot stand that! It will keep me up at night until I wash it off so this stuff is worth the splurge in my opinion. It comes in 3 sizes and I buy the bulk size because I know I will use it forever and ever. I highly recommend the belif brand in general.


First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration 2 oz/ 56.7 g Allure Best of Beauty Seal Clean at Sephora

Speaking of moisturizers, let’s talk daytime – the ULTRA REPAIR CREAM by First Aid Beauty

As I mentioned previously I have pretty sensitive skin. To give you an idea of what I mean, the only facial I’ve ever gotten was a light version safe for pregnant women and I had a severe painful reaction where my face required days and days to recover. With that said, daytime moisturizers have always been a harder product for me to settle on so when my mom recommended this several years ago I was thrilled to fall in love with it as well. This product comes in multiple sizes and gives extra moisture but feels great on my sensitive skin. I think daytime moisturizers are harder because you tend to do more during the day than at night – schedule activities, layered makeup, etc. – but this product holds up. I also recommend the whole First Aid Beauty brand!


Dior - Diorshow Mascara Black 090 0.33 oz/ 10 mL

My next holy grail product is the DIORSHOW mascara by DIOR

This is another product I’ve been using for over a decade and it is hands down the most recommended and loved beauty product ever. If I could only use one make-up product for the rest of time, this would be it. Do you know how many times I’ve had people ask about my lashes in person? Too many to count. Do you know how many times people have balked at me because I share the mascara I’m using and they find out it’s $29? Too many to count. But when those balkers (not a word) go ahead and try it for themselves, their eyes are opened…literally. I think you should check it out too. I’m contemplating snagging it in the blue color this time around too. Hmm.


Viktor&Rolf - Flowerbomb Travel Spray 0.33oz/10mL allure 2017 Best of Beauty Award Winner

Lastly, I mentioned this briefly before so lets talk about it – the perfume FLOWERBOMB by Viktor & Rolf

AGAIN, another product I’ve been using for over a decade is this amazing perfume. I’m absolutely in love with it and it has totally grown with me over the years I’ve been wearing it. I use it for all occasions – business and romance – and I am complimented whenever I wear it even by strangers. When I became pregnant with my first I stopped using any fragrance for a multitude of reasons and now over the past few years I’ve slowly added it back in to my routine. This perfume is expensive in my opinion so because a little goes a long way and I don’t use it quite like I once did, I purchase the travel spray bottle and it literally will last me all year long.


Ah and we are done! Hoping you all got some inspiration with today’s post on some new products that you want to try adding into your routine or at the very least, I hope this reminded you to shop the Sephora Spring Savings Event for your own preferred products. If you have a product that you buy from Sephora that you’ve loved forever leave me a comment below! I’d love to see what you all are purchasing as well. Happy shopping!


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