Last Minute Baby and Toddler Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Happy Holy Week everyone! Is it just me or did Easter happen, like, waaay early this year? It’s a little overwhelming for me when I think about how fast in general this year is going. It’s going to be April soon! WHAT!?

Anyways, let’s get on to the reason why you all are here…last minute Easter basket ideas! I have put together 2 Easter baskets this year: one for a 3 year old toddler girl and one for a 1 year old baby girl. Easter was actually the first holiday we celebrated last year after coming home from the hospital with Miss Blu. This is great news for me this year because I already had her basket and liner purchased! Ah, first world problems.

Both girls have baskets and customized liners from Pottery Barn Kids which I think is a higher price point up front but I will sincerely use these forever. Neither of the girls’ baskets or liners were resold this year and it’s too late to order online for shipping but if you have a PBK near you check on in-store pick up for last minute baskets that you could customize using a local company!

If you don’t have a PBK near you, or if that’s simply not the price point you’re hoping for, I saw several really similarly styled Easter baskets at Target this year! I will link a few of my faves from this year below.

Pink tulle Easter Basket

Happy Easter Embroidered Basket

Pink Willow Easter Basket

Plush White Bunny Easter Basket

This year I picked up a couple packages of filler from the #targetdollarspot for wait for it…only $1! There are less and less things in the Target Dollar Spot that are actually a dollar, which I guess is why they changed the name to Bullseye’s Playground. ANYWAYS, I love to save and reuse my filler every year in hopes of cutting down on waste and I love mixing and matching. For example we have a little bit of green, pink, white, blue, purple and holographic grass in our baskets. If you’re truly doing this last minute it would be so easy for you to use a paper shredder and shred different colored pieces of construction paper to use for grass!

Speaking of Bullseye’s Playground, so many things I picked up this year were from this little area in Target and cannot be linked. I will truly try to link as many things as I can in this post in hopes of you simply buying something online for pick-up in store BUT if you are in a pinch, I highly recommend safely shopping the Target Dollar Spot for tons of small, inexpensive basket filler items last minute. Or simply use these ideas as inspiration and find similar items elsewhere!

Miss Blu’s basket is wicker with metallic gold threading (so pretty!) with a pink gingham liner. I love mixing different patterns and materials so our Easter baskets will be less matchy matchy too. Here is everything in her basket!

Dollar Spot Items:

Ring Toss

Plastic Golf Club with Balls

Glitter Rainbow Batton

Bunny Sunglasses

Disney Princess soft ball

Wind up Hopping Blue Bunny

Softee Dough


Non-Dollar Spot Items:

Carrot Whisk for sensory play

Pink Blobblings

Blue Blobblings

The Blobblings are so soft and cute with 4 different color options. They also have a rattle sound inside.

Sequin Bunny T-shirt

Be a Rainbow Pink Peplum shirt

Carrot Teether

Soft Bunny Activity Book

Peeps Marshmallow Pop

Blu and Calla both are supervised while eating any and all meals and snacks.

Multicolored Bunny Hair Clips


I love making their Easter baskets look full to the brim. I do that by adding in things from all sorts of categories: things we eat, things we wear, things we read, things we play with, etc. I have been building this baskets since Easter items first starting hitting shelves and I keep things hidden away until it’s time. I try to steer clear of junk but at the same time remain at an affordable price point.

Miss Calla’s basket is white whicker with the most adorable pink tulle liner. I’m obsessed with this basket as well. Here is everything in her basket!

Dollar Spot Items:

Rainbow Glitter batton

Pink Hopping Chick

Blue Peeps Playdo Mold

Peeps Bandaids

Plant Science Kit

Rainbow Gel Cling

Spiderman Chalk with Holder


Non-Dollar Spot Items:

Pink Sequin Rainbow T-shirt

Gummie Bear Bath Bomb

This brand of bath bomb has a surprise gelly squish inside!

Orange Carrot Fudge Dipped Pretzel Rods

Mini Chocolate Bunnies

Hershey’s Build-a-Bunny Chocolate

Blow Pop Minis

Lindt Mini Easter Bunnies

Dove Chocolate Bunny

We are a little chocolate bunny obsessed.

Peeps Marshmallow Pop

Bunny Dum Dum Pops

Ariel Lights and Sound Bubble Wand

Matching Egg Hunt Game

Old Maid Jumbo Edition Card Game

Willy Wonka Golden Pre-filled Easter Eggs

Since Blu is so little still almost everything that the Easter Bunny brings is for both girls to share. I hope they always automatically share everything they have with one another. With that said, I also purchased a couple items that don’t fit into the girls’ baskets that I will simply set out including a giant chick Squishmallow and a Bunny Bean Bag Toss game. This will be our first Squishmallow ever and the hype is real! I wanted to also get a giant carrot Squishmallow but could never get to the restock notification fast enough. We are adding ours to out playmat area with our Foamnasium for extra padding.

The night before Easter we will put out carrots for the Easter Bunny. I also have brand new bunny themed pajamas for the girls to wear that night. I will make some faux bunny prints with flour and a stencil and the Easter Bunny will leave us some edible grass and chocolate carrots. I will go to bed tired, excited to see their faces Easter morning. Watch it all happen on my Instagram stories!

But wait! We can’t forget about Darla. 🙂 Darla always enjoys being a part of opening gifts. If you have a bag with tissue paper, she’s a dog you can count on. We specifically can’t keep any bagged gifts on the ground during Christmas because she can’t help but open them. She will get two new toys: a gummy bear set and a giant lollipop. Her toys get pretty gross fast so two toys in means two toys out. Of course she’ll have some extra treats Easter day too.

Whew! I am exhausted now, so I’m off to bed…aka 3+ hours of tik-tok. Happy Easter basket making!





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