A very Pandemic Pink Rainbow First Birthday


Wow, I mean it’s been months since we’ve “spoken”, right? I have to say, this whole pandemic thing shook me. Like, shook me to my core. And unfortunately my poor little blog suffered. I miss this. I missed you all. Now that we can see “normal life” on the horizon, I feel better about jumping back in. Don’t forget that if I’m ever scarce in presence here on the Sykes Fam blog then you can always find me over on Instagram or on YouTube.

My littlest turned one a weekish ago and we celebrated a very pandemic first birthday. Can you even believe that! It was just us with a couple really close family members and we spent the day together celebrating Miss Blu. If you’re new around here you may not know that I don’t share my children’s faces online. I’m actually considering removing all physical and verbal mention of them on my social media but that’s another story for a different day. For now, please enjoy this sweet photo of her high-chair set up.

We used a table cover that I found on Amazon to wrap around her high-chair. This served as her high-chair cover decor and the pink tulle was so full and dreamy. I was shocked at the quality honestly. I made it look fuller by opening it immediately upon arrival and hanging it up until party day. I also lightly steamed and brushed through the layers with my fingers until I was happy with the look. I loved that I could customize the length when I ordered so even though it was advertised as a table cover I definitely think you could use this for so many other things. Simply using double sided velcro I was able to attach it to her high-chair table and tied a bow using the satin ribbon in the back.  Despite a very curious baby this stayed all day and then some and the velcro was easy to remove. We use the Stokke Tripp Trapp high-chair for reference. This item has a higher initial price point but it can be used as a chair that grows with them at the table, technically forever, which is a huge win in my book. Calla uses the children’s seat now and I highly recommend!

A growing tradition in our household is to decorate the eat-in area of our kitchen for everyone’s birthday. Calla knows when she comes downstairs on a holiday or birthday that this is the surprise area. I love that and I love her. I have dreams of building a built-in bench some day soon to make some more permanent additional seating. It’s a great place for everyone to join round and celebrate. I mention this because while some of these photos may look over the top, it’s actually a very small space but it translates to a big WOW moment which is what we are all hoping for at the end of the day, right?

I was asked several times what Blu’s party theme was and this time around I did something a little more simple: pink rainbow. Blu is our rainbow baby and I wanted to show some acknowledgment of how important that is to us. While traditional rainbows are beautiful, I find myself overwhelmed easily by too much rainbow. Anyone else? This is why you’ll see lots of different shades of pink which gave an ombre pink rainbow effect that I loved. I guess I can never be overwhelmed by too much pink, ha! I think my favorite aspect of this theme was the balloon garland which I did all by myself, thank you very much. 🙂 Don’t be like me fully though because I legit blew these balloons up by mouth…myself…whew. It was NOT fun to say the least. The kicker was that I found out they make an electric balloon pump just for occasions like this. What I would have paid to have had that thing at 2am the night before the party. Don’t be like me, buy the pump ahead of time!! We used double-sided strips to attach the garland to the wall and I ended up having several small sized balloons left over that I stuck on individually with sticky tack that was sent with the package. Most of the design I came up with on the fly but I did get inspiration from YouTube. I love that the balloon garland I used was so affordable and came with all different sizes.

Blu had a smash cake that was baked and decorated by a friend of mine. She’s a small baker who does fabulous work and even made some gluten and dairy free cupcakes for everyone else to share with frosting in different shades of pink as well. Blu’s cake topper was custom made off of Etsy and I added in an extra glitter candle from Target. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and Calla helped Blu blow out her candle. It was as sweet as you can imagine. I purchased two different outfits for Blu hoping to get some extra adorable photos. One outfit was the most adorable pink tulle dress with rainbow hearts which we didn’t end up wearing at all because the weather here has been chilly. Instead we rocked an all pink velour two piece outfit that was slightly too big and possibly too cute as well. The pants were my favorite!

Being that Blu was only turning one year old I knew gifts were just a fun bonus. What do you buy baby #2…of the same gender…who already has everything! We decided to look into replacing any broken or well loved toys we already owned and I’m so glad we did because we settled on a ball pit upgrade. Our previous ball pit used air and had been used so much it had ripped and popped in several places. It sat deflated in the corner of our playroom used mainly as a cave by Barbie and friends. The new ball pit was Blu’s main gift and we splurged to get the bigger size so that Calla AND Blu could fit in it together. Needless to say it was a hit! We found that it took about 500 balls to get it full enough for our play preference. It could easily take on triple that amount so heads up in case you’re looking into purchasing and filling it full.

The rest of the evening we enjoyed playing in the bounce house and roasting hot dogs and smores in our fire pit that we built last summer! Party planning is a huge passion of mine, especially when it’s for the ones I love most. Calla has already started talking about her birthday of course because what 3 year old doesn’t? We are thinking mermaid theme which is always perfect for her middle of Summer June birthday when things are hot. Maybe by then we can have an actual party? We shall see!

I was so proud of how Calla did on Blu’s birthday and I think it had a lot to do with how we handled the prep. Calla was able to be a part of everything she wanted to: she picked out her own gift to give to her sister, she helped wrap and make a card, she helped open gifts and blow out the birthday candle, she picked out the dinner meal of hot dogs and smores, she got her own party dress and a big sister gift. The biggest key was making Calla feel included. Blu’s birthday was the day Calla became a big sister which is a big milestone just like it’s also the day that I gave birth (my BIRTHday). She deserves celebrating too.


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