Calla has been two for over an entire month…or so… I figured it might as well be time for me to share with you all the highlights of her entire second birthday party day! At least I got to it before she turned 18, right? 🙂 It was a beautiful day, hot but cloudy so not the unbearable heat we’ve been dealing with here more recently. We had some of our closest friends and family over for a more intimate affair & Calla still calls our dining room her birthday room. <3 Here’s a small glimpse why…


If you follow me over on Instagram you already know our theme was “Two Two Cute” or “TuTu Cute”. It felt like the best fit for her 2nd birthday party because Calla loves tutus and truly is too cute. It was the most adorable party to put together. I had help from several vendors and plan to link as many of the items in this post as I can in hopes of making this party easy to re-create!

Calla was born early June but her due date was May 31st. I remember those final few weeks before she was born. It was actually recommended that I be induced at 38 weeks but I ended up signing an ADA (more than once, more on that story later) and went over full term before finally agreeing to an induction. Fun fact: Calla shares a birthday with her deceased grandfather. How freakin’ cool is that? Basically a direct kiss from heaven in my eyes. <3 She is the light of so many people’s lives and has taught me to be an even stronger woman than I ever knew I could be. I know some people choose to celebrate a bit more low key for birthdays of littles or birthdays in general, but I see every year as a milestone. A milestone that our little family has successfully tackled another year and to truly celebrate what a miracle on earth little miss Calla is.


How cute is this cake topper!?

Calla’s name is pretty unique. We get a lot of mispronunciations wherever we go but the same thing happened for me! To this day, if I am at the doctor’s office and hear “Alice!”, I go ahead and stand up because I know they are talking about me. I am forever thankful for my mom naming me something a bit out of the ordinary because I love it and have never cared that hardly anyone can say “Alyse”. When people can’t seem to pronounce Calla’s name I simply say, “Calla…like the lily,” to which they they say “Ohhhh Calla lily,” to which I then have to say “Just Calla…not Calla lily.” It’s fun. Hah!


Look at this photo! I melt.

The very first purchase I made for Calla’s party was her dress. When I saw this on Etsy I just knew that however I created this party, this would be the outfit to bring it all together.  She twirled and twirled in this party dress and it was definitely a huge factor in the magic of the day. She has even worn it again and again to dance class. It’s a mommy & me dance class but I’m the only mommy who stays inside the room…of course…and I even sometimes cry in the corner because she’s so beautiful…and because I’m newly pregnant! 🙂 More on that later! Her party dress was the perfect combo of glitz, pink, tutu, and floral. It was perfect.


We served cupcakes, cookies and of course cake using a local baker, as well as lots of candies and pink lemonade. If you are local to the area and are interested in the baker’s information simply message me over on Instagram! The baker was even kind enough to make gluten and dairy free options and everything tasted delish! Since the party was close to noon we also served sandwiches and chips for lunch! Yum


Party favors included these gold glittered crowns, ballerina blowers, and ballerina slime! My mom and I also found ice cream reusable straw cups from Party City that each child was able to take home. So cute!


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Calla, Happy Birthday to you! <3


Every toy we own was out for play and we enjoyed time with friends and family.



Thank you so much to everyone that was so thoughtful to gift Calla so many cute gifts. Some of her favorites were a donut tutu dress, the horse key chain, and a story book with matching figurines.


Our lives are perfect because of you Miss C and we can’t wait to see everything God has in store for you!

Thank you so much for clicking on today’s blog post and celebrating Calla’s special day with us. I will go ahead and link anything additional that I didn’t talk about specifically in the post below!

Tutu Pom Pom Decoration

Custom Streamers

Happy Birthday Banner

Two Cute Balloons

Jumbo Balloon


My kimono

Straight up sincerely,



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