Holiday Bucket List

Hello holiday lovelies!

The holiday season is officially in full swing! This year will be our first spending the holidays in our new home & we can’t be more overjoyed about it.

The kick-off was Halloween which was so much fun. This was Calla’s second Halloween and now that she’s a little bit older she had a better understanding of the experience. She was so cute dressed up in her ghost costume. If you missed it, the costume Calla wore was my costume from 30 years ago. My mom sewed it and saved it, thank goodness, because Calla was one adorable ghosty!

Thanksgiving was also one for the books. We hosted family for the first time in our own home. Spending extended time with family, laughing & eating good food will be a memory that lasts in our hearts forever.

Christmas is bringing up the tail end of the season and is sure to be epic. Now that we are in our new home, Donald and I want to focus on creating our own family traditions for the season. One thing we have planned to do this season is creating and fulfilling a holiday bucket list! If you’re interested in hearing more and seeing what’s on our holiday bucket list this year, then read on!

2018 Holiday Bucket List

  • Decorate cookies

My mom makes the best sugar cookies every holiday. She has for years and years. Nowadays she even makes them gluten & dairy free for me to keep enjoying. We decorated cookies for Halloween & Calla had a blast! It’s easy to do – all you need are plain cookies, a few colors of frosting, and a few different sprinkles. The rest is up to you!

  • Decorate our new home for the 1st time

If you follow me over on my YouTube channel, you have probably already seen my Holiday Decor Tour. Decorating our first home for Christmas was a huge milestone for me. I combine a ton of old favorites, borrowed from my mom, & purchases some new lovelies and made our house a home this Christmas season.

  • Drive to see lights

Donald and I have driven around the city looking at holiday lights for several years now. This year we plan to include Calla at a couple places we’ve never been to before. I am so excited!

  • 25 Days of Movies

There’s a network on cable that does 25 Day of Christmas movies every year. I won’t call them out by name but to be honest, each year the movie selection is lamer and lamer. It seems to be the same 5 movies on repeat. This year, Donald and I decided to do our own 25 days of movies. Donald has been in charge of finding 25 different holiday movies and so far it has been so fun! Not only do we get to catch up on all the best holiday films, but it also forces us to spend quality time with one another every night, rather than being absorbed in to-do lists.

  • Family Photos

I’d like to make it a goal of ours to get professional photos of our family every year. I haven’t made it a priority before and I notice a huge difference when I do. This year we went to a tree farm in Lawrence and had the best time during a simple mini session. Great for the budget & we didn’t have to stay out in the cold for too long!

  • Holiday Cards

Speaking of family photos, once we received the amazing photos, I planned to purchase amazing holiday cards to share during this special season year after year. This year I ordered from Chatbooks!

Chatbooks is a great place to go for all your holiday card needs. They have so many designs to chose from, the hardest part for me was deciding which design was my favorite!

Once you chose a design, you are able to customize the front and back of your card. You even have the option to include text if you’d like!

Right now Chatbooks is offering $20 per set of 20 cards. You can get this deal by downloading the Chatbooks app and starting your card design. The deal runs for sets of 20. I ordered 40 cards this year and plan on keeping one for ourselves to look back on.

Not only does Chatbooks have amazing holiday cards, but they also specialize in photo books! I am so eager to order a photo book commemorating each year since Calla was born so that she has physical photo books to look back on just like I do. I love flipping through my photo album and reliving precious memories with loved ones. Chatbooks makes it easy to upload your photos from your phone so you don’t have the hassle of putting together a photo album one by one.

If you’re still searching for the best place to get this year’s holiday cards, look no further than Chatbooks. Hurry to get them ordered for this season! And if you have any different items you’ve added to your own holiday bucket list for this year, leave me a comment below!

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**This blog post was done in collaboration with Chatbooks. All opinions are truthful and my own. None of what I’ve said should be taken as professional advice.

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