Ultimate Unique Gift Guide 2018

Hey lovelies!

It is officially that time of the year – HOLIDAY SEASON! Halloween this year was so much fun and I know Thanksgiving & Christmas will be too. Donald and I are hosting this year so between the food & decor, I want to make sure it’s as magical as possible for everyone.

One of the ways I plan on ensuring a grand time is by planning to give great gifts. I’ve posed the question before – what kind of gift giver are you? Are you someone who is dashing through the mall late Christmas Eve to pick up whatever you can find? Are you someone who meticulously plans all year long? Or are you somewhere in between? Comment down below and let me know which one you’re most like! I lean towards the meticulously plan all year side. When a loved one mentions, “oh I really want that,” I take note. These days everyone is so hard to buy for that I find it really helps if you have a list of requested items!

If you’re in a gift slump or if you need just a few ideas to finish your gift giving list, don’t worry! I am happy to have put together an ULTIMATE gift guide for you all that will include UNIQUE gifts for all of the special people in your life. You will find the gifts below listed in categories in hopes of making it easier on you all to find exactly what you need. I will link as much as I can so that you can find more detailed information on the appropriate site. Annnnd GO!

FOR ANYONE (except babies)

These things are lifesavers for parents and anyone who leads a lifestyle where they’d like to choose comfort/practicality over fashion when it comes to their rings. I wear my silicon band almost all the time, only swapping it out for the real thing when I want to wear my fabulous jewelry.

Black Friday sales on these things are OFF THE CHART! They are so cheap you can really categorize them as stocking stuffers in my mind. We would have a Google Home device in every room of our house if we could!

A lot of people have stopped using cable these days and instead have switched to devices like Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, Amazon Prime. All of these are amazing options when it comes to gift giving because you can simply buy a gift card to any of them and your loved one’s services will be paid for! Donald and I filmed a video on my YouTube channel discussing why we chose to quit cable and all the tips and tricks for surviving without it. Watch it!


There are a ton of subscription boxes out there for every possible occasion you can think of. There are many geared towards men. One of my faves? Man Crate.

  • Salon Gift Card

Donald loves to be pampered at the salon just like I do. Here in the Kansas City Metro area there are several salons that are men focused, providing luxury chairs, drinks, TVs, etc. while they get their hair or any salon service completed.

This year we are working on putting together Donald’s man cave. One piece I know I am going to hang is our Lawrence map by Mapiful. I loved working with Mapiful because you can customize any piece of the map art including color, dimension, and they even offer their own hanging devices so you don’t have to worry about that when it comes. We chose Lawrence for a lot of reasons you all probably know!

These tools are crafted by descendants of samurai sword makers. Enough said.

Use code ‘Seki82’ for $20 off at sekiedge.com


  • Brightmind App

This app is dedicated to making meditation more accessible. It’s available on iOS and is meant for those who want to meditate at any level. I’ve heard that even the smallest amount of meditation can make a big difference.

Use code MINDFUL for 30% off an annual subscription.

  • Salon Gift Card

I had my hair bayalaged a few months ago and it was the best experience ever! I was able to spend a few hours at the salon doing some self-care and I can’t tell you enough how much of a pick-me up that was. On the flip-side, that sh*t is expensive! Give the gift of a gift card to your loved one’s favorite salon. If it’s like mine, they can use it for all sorts of services!

HelloFresh delivers meal kits to your front door with fresh ingredients, step-by-step instructions and pre-measured ingredients. You don’t have to spend all night in the kitchen and it’s made to be fun for any level of cooking expertise! Having dinner already prepped is sometimes a life-saver!

Use code ALYSESYKES60 for 6 FREE HelloFresh meals.

I have a handheld Cordless Single Node Percussion massager from HoMedics and believe me when I say it is epic! There are so many massager options on the market that most of the time I wonder if they will be worth it. This brand is highly rated and from personal experience I can say that something like this is a real treat!

More often than not, people don’t complete a kit like this because they are expensive. The Helix brand is reasonably priced and gives you so much information with a quick and easy DNA sample. You can learn more about your health, fitness, and ancestry.

This brand is centered around the short story ‘1000 marbles’ where each marble represents 1 day out of your week where you do something you love and/or create a lasting memory. It’s a great way of encourage those you love to be more in the moment.

Use code ALYSE for 10% off your entire order.


This brand encourage treating your pet like a member of the family (which I know all of you already do). Darla, our basset, is a very picky eater and loved these treats, and I loved giving them to her knowing they are a brand that gives back.

Every year we get Darla, our basset, a holiday stuffed toy. They are $5, she loves them so much we end up having to throw them away once they are finally super trashed, and they make it so you can donate one too!


Freshly delivers FRESH, never frozen, chef-cooked meals right to your doorstep. They make great meal options that heat up in a flash and take away the hassle of shopping, chopping & cleaning-up.

Use code dlvr639 for $20 off your first order of 6 meals.

  • Security Camera

I have two faves in this category:

  1. Kangaroo Security
  2. CamHomeTech

Both have been great options for around our home. Both are motion sensors and link directly to an app on your phone for notifications.


These dolls are hand knit and for every one purchased 10 meals are donated to children in need. Calla has 3 and is obsessed with them for sure! So soft, so cute, philanthropic, what more do you need?

Calla, my 17 month old, loves musical instruments. Every time we attend a music class she loves all of the different toys she gets to make sound with. I found this packaband and know she’s going to be obsessed Christmas morning!

  • Experiences

I common problem these days for parents is clutter. Clutter from mounds and mounds of stuffed animals, toys, electronics, toys, etc. and the holiday season just adds to it! When someone asks what they should get your little for the holidays, tell them things like:

  1. Zoo pass
  2. Music Class pass
  3. Swimming Lessons
  4. Movie Tickets
  5. Farm passes
  6. Museum passes
  7. MyGym membership
  8. Gym membership

The list can go on and on depending on the availability of events in your area. In addition to experiences, we ask for a deposit to Calla’s savings.


So! That. Is. It! I wanted to get this ultimate gift guide out to you guys before Black Friday so that you could make adjustments to your gift giving plans if necessary and find great deals on your purchases. If you want to see what I will be buying for Black Friday this year, watch this video! Leave me a comment below with what you are planning on buying this year! I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving ever.


Straight up sincerely,



*This blog post was not sponsored. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. None of what I say should be taken as professional advice in any way.

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