The Scariest 3 Letter Word and how SingleCare can Come to Your Rescue

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Now, if you are a parent, take a moment to think of the first time you felt the weight of your responsibility of caring for your children. We got heavy early on this post. 🙂 Ok, got your moment? What or when was that? Leave me a comment below! I think the first time I felt that responsibility was the day I found out I was pregnant. I remember that day clearly. I had this feeling a lot of people talk about – “you just know” type of feeling. And when the pregnancy test read positive I was OVER. THE. MOON. I already had purchased a onesie to surprise my husband because I wanted to be prepared to tell him immediately. I still plan ahead like that as a way to manage my stress. That day was our 1 month wedding anniversary so when I handed him a gift, he didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary.

When he found out I was pregnant I think he was in shock, as I’m assuming most Dads respond. Haha! I immediately started researching and planning everything I possibly could that early in my pregnancy. And I remember feeling the weight of my responsibility as a mom that early. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right and avoiding everything wrong. Now that Calla is 16 months old I have stepped away from the extremeness in that sense but I still want to make sure I’m doing everything in my power to make her life amazing.

As the season of Fall sets in a lot of us get excited for all of the decorating, yummy foods, and family time. But the not-so-nice piece that comes along with this season as well is the F.L.U. As a parent to a young child, this 3 letter word still scares me. Young children have yet to have a lifetime to build up their immunity to tackle colds and viruses like most adults. Calla and I spend every week looking for new and exciting events that will get us out of the house and into the world. With every event I worry about the germs that others are spreading on everything we touch and even try to steer clear of people coughing or sniffling. Call me anxious but I don’t want my daughter to get sick if she doesn’t have to!

One way I can tackle the flu head on is by getting the flu shot. I myself get the flu shot, my husband gets the flu shot, Calla gets the flu shot and even our basset hound, Darla, gets the doggie flu shot. By getting the flu shot it is my understanding that we will be protected from several different strains of the flu and even if we do get the flu, the symptoms will be severely subdued in comparison to if we had not. If you have concerns regarding the flu shot I most definitely recommend you speak with your medical health care provider to ensure you receive the most accurate information. I know one big concern among some is that the flu shot actually gives you the flu. Again, it is my understanding that this is not the case based off of information I have received from a health care provider. So seriously, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor about what is right for your family!

During flu season, I know I can count on companies like SingleCare. SingleCare is a free membership program that offers savings on prescriptions, dental, vision, and on-demand virtual doctors visits. SingleCare believes consumers should be able to compare costs for healthcare services and get care without having to worry about networks, coverage limitations or deductibles. Their pharmacy card is accepted nationwide at over 35,000 pharmacies meaning SingleCare can save you on your flu shot and generic Tamiflu if you unfortunately get sick. Their number one goal is to help their members save on the medications they need.

As a mom, and as a person in general, I so appreciate brands like SingleCare who make it of utmost importance to ensure their consumers receive what they need in some of their most difficult times. They also allow you to compare pricing on their app and website, so they keep things transparent, which as a busy mom, I appreciate! If you or a family member get sick with the flu this season, you will want to have SingleCare on you side to help you get through it. Check them out further on their app – both Android & Apple compatible.

Have you received your flu shot?

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This blog post was done as a part of a sponsorship with SingleCare. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. Please do not take anything I say as professional advice in any matter.

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