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Hi Lovelies!

At the inspiration of one of my favorite social media mamas, Hayley Paige, I want to start a new blog series where I share my monthly Amazon faves! And based on the poll I added to my IG story last week, you all are excited to hear more!

Amazon has quickly become one of my husband & I’s favorite places to shop. I particularly love that it sells a huge variety of items at competitive prices. With FREE 2-day shipping (sometimes 1-day) using Amazon Prime, it can’t be beat! The list I plan to share with you every month will be what I have purchased for that month and consider favorites. I warn: the list is random. 😂

Theravent Max

Ok people, storytime. My husband snores. End of story. These things have been a God send. I’m serious. I am a light sleeper, always have been. I require a fan to sleep at night, and prefer 3 fans if I’m honest. I can NOT sleep in silence. I can hear my heartbeat in the silence, and crickets, and the tick of my wristwatch (not kidding) and these things drive me up the wall. – Insert snoring hubby – Let’s just say, I’ve kicked him out of the room in the middle of the night more than once. I have NEVER done that since he started wearing these. Do they cure snoring…absolutely not. Do they tame it better than anything we’ve ever tried before…absolutely yes. Do yourself, or your partner, a favor and order some of these.

USB 10ft Cable

If you follow me on IG, your certain to have seen me in my IG stories crouched next to my bed at some point. It’s the closest space that I was able to charge my phone and work on it at the same time. No, I couldn’t even sit in bed because the cable wasn’t long enough. Cue the 10ft cable! Now 10ft sounds obscene, right? That’s what I thought when my hubby added this to the cart, but the convenience of being able to step further and further away from the outlet has been amazing. Disclaimer: I have a LG phone…not an iPhone but the message remains the same.

Melissa & Doug Baby Doll

This doll was actually a gift for a friend of mine’s baby girl who turned 1 just a few months after Calla did. When I asked her for gift inspo she mentioned her daughter loved playing with her hair and thought she’d like a doll with “real” hair. The only luck I had, without going in store, is this option from Amazon. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with Melissa & Doug so I ordered it and it was perfect! It’s not too big or too small. The eyes blink and the body is soft. Hope little baby E still loves it!

TV Wall Mount

In one of my latest YouTube videos I shared a tour of my daughter’s playroom. Since then we decided to mount one of our extra TVs in this room so that we are able to Chromecast her favorite educational videos. My husband found this wall mount and it works great! It seems to have a lot of universal qualities, is ultra slim, and includes a built in bubble level. The TV we mounted is 27 inches and it’s so convenient having this in her playroom!

Wint-O-Green Mints

I told you. Random. But these things are ALWAYS on our shopping list. We eat them every day instead of gum or candy (ok we still eat candy). But we go through them so fast I decided to buy a giant bag this time. The orange flavor is bomb too!

Glad Small Trash Bags

I had a hard time finding these on Amazon but I’m glad I did. We have several small trash cans (bathrooms, office, etc.). I never used to put small trash bags in the receptacles but ever since my home was professionally cleaned, that was something they included and I’ve never wanted to go back since. It makes things so much easier when emptying and I’m all about ways to make life easier. Extra perk – these have a febreze odor shield!

Vitamin B12

I’ve been taking Vit B12 for some time. After I gave birth, I have to be honest in that I slacked on taking all the supplements I usually did. Recently I purchased this Vit B12 and have been really noticing the benefits after taking it regularly for a few weeks. This particular product is time-released and is advertised to help cellular energy. I take it after I have eaten a meal and I can notice I don’t lack in energy. I think it’s a great alternative to relying only on caffeine for myself!


Gluten Free Pancake Mix

This gluten free mix is our FAVORITE for pancakes and waffles. I have been buying this brand for years. I have made waffles using this brand’s mix for friends who weren’t gluten free and was told it was the best waffles they had ever had! This month I purchased 3 boxes. I purchased that many for a couple reasons. My waffle iron makes 1 at a time therefore the size of the waffle might be a bit larger than average. One serving of this mix makes about 2 waffles using my waffle iron and there’s only a couple servings in a box. With a family of 3 (including one waffle loving toddler) I go through a box pretty quickly. Secondly, the mix is SO much more expensive in store so I like to stock up. Get creative and add chocolate chips or blueberries and you’ve got yourself one sparklin’ breakfast!

Maple Syrup

What are pancakes/waffles without syrup. I enjoy lite syrup because it’s less of a breakfast sugar high!

Doggie Waste Bags

A while back I purchased a HUGE amount of doggie waste bags from Homegoods. When we moved they were never to be found again…or maybe they were actually all just used up. When I searched on Amazon I found these lavender scented bags and thought…is that bougie? When I got them in the mail, I knew all of my problems had been solved. 😉 Nothing is worse than having to pick up after your dog, except when even in the bag the doo-doo stinks. I’m excited that the lavender scent is going to help make this dirty job a bit easier.


As many of you may remember, we cut cable a few months ago. Paying for cable really was about convenience – the convenience of turning on the TV and being able to flip through channel after channel, the convenience of using the DVR to record your favorite show to watch the same night it goes live. I am so glad we cut cable for the simple reason that TV doesn’t run our lives anymore. I find myself to be so much more productive rather than falling back on the convenience of always having the TV on. We purchased the Roku because we wanted a streaming device, particularly for our master bedroom. The Roku has it’s own system where you can access any and all apps. As I mentioned previously, we have and love our Chromecast but videos on Amazon are not Chromecast-able since they are competition. It also has a nostalgic cable feeling. 🙂

Toilet Wand Refills

When I clean the toilet (gag) the Clorox Toilet Wand is a fave because it allows me to never actually touch anything. So, this month it was time to order the refills! One extra thing I will say is that anytime I find a favorite like the Clorox Toilet Wand, it seems like they always do away with it for something new and “better”. BUT, this item has been around for years so it must be a fave for a lot of people and I appreciate that it hasn’t gone away!

Door Knob Covers

Calla is at the age where she is reaching for door knobs to open up doors. She’s still a bit too short to reach said door knobs but I know any day she’ll shoot up a few inches and will all the sudden be able to reach those things. In hopes of easing some of my anxiousness about her opening doors I went ahead and purchased these safety door knob covers. Before I purchased them, I went through our home and estimated how many doors I would need them for and came up with about 6. I think the hardest part is getting used to them myself!

OxiClean 2-in-1 Stain Fighter

The main reason I purchased this product is for it’s color safe brightening abilities. You could say I am a lazy laundry mom – I wash my colors with my whites. *GASP* So if there’s a heavily colored item I will throw in a color catcher but overall I’ve been noticing my laundry is looking rather dull. Since adding this to my laundry I can tell a change in the brightness of my clothes. I feel like I learn something new about laundry every day.

That is it!

This month in particular I purchased quite a few things. I didn’t include everything we purchased because straight up, some things were not a fave. If you guys are interested in learning what are some “non-faves” from our Amazon purchases let me know down in the comments below!

As always, the post above is of my opinion only and should not be taken as professional advice in any way. Some of the links above may be affiliate links which do not cost you any extra as a purchaser.

Stay tuned for what our faves are from September!

Straight up sincerely,


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