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Hi lovelies!

It has been a busy few weeks and I am happy to be finding a scoshe of time to write you all a new blog post. If you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my new YouTube channel! I have tons of content posting weekly over there and I’d love to have you!

Today I’m going to be writing about one of my favorite women’s/mommy brands – PINK BLUSH! Thank you Pink Blush for collaborating with me on this blog post. If you are on social media on the regular you have probably already heard about and maybe shopped this awesome brand. So many ladies, specifically moms, wearing and loving their fab clothes! If you haven’t heard, Pink Blush is a women’s brand with an empahsis in maternity style. They also have amazing plus size styles.

Why exactly did I choose to make an entire post about this brand? Because they have been a staple of fashion in my closet since I was pregnant (pre-collaboration status). They catch your attention with the maternity styles and keep you coming back for the postpartum fabulousness. At least that’s what happened to me. 😊 And I love sharing my favorites with others in hopes of you finding something you love too! As a mom it’s so hard to find functional fashion and Pink Blush has got it down. I know that so many of my subscribers are mamas just like me. The mom community on social media does such a great job of helping one another and I’m happy to be a part of that!

Let’s get into what I love about this brand…

One of Pink Blush’s staples is beautiful floral dresses. Dresses on dresses on dresses. Floral prints are so fun to dress up or dress down and are a huge trend right now! The maxi length style is my absolute favorite but Pink Blush has every length imaginable. I believe I could wear maxi dresses all. year. long. Forget about the negative wind chill and snow we have occasionally here in KS.

I’m loving the extra details on this blush, floral print, maxi dress. It is so unique with the neckline, two side slits and pockets. Style it easily with a jacket and sneakers (yes, sneakers) or cute sandals. You can catch me in this lounging by the pool all summer long. Ohp, j/k. I’m a mom.

This next dress I had my eye on for my baby shower but it was sold out! I was so sad but as the cards would have it, I now have it in a non-maternity style. 🎉

As I mentioned earlier, their brand rocks it with the functional fashion too.

From unique tees…

This sweet, comfy tee has details such as extra length on the sides and a ruffle bottom. It will be perfect for all the upcoming sports games I’ll be cheering at.

to comfy cardis…

This cardigan has patch elbows and is the softest material. The ivory, floral top pictured is Pink Blush too!

to loungewear with babe…

Floral pants are their thing too. I’ve been tempted to wear these outside if the house too. 😊

Pink Blush got you covered girl!

I am so thankful that my mom (she’s always so much more hip than me) came across and introduced Pink Blush to me those many months ago. Pink Blush really made my maternity wardrobe easier and continues to do so now. As a mom, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of yoga pants and hubby’s old shirts. Am I right? This brand has allowed me to find confidence in transitioning from maternity to postpartum fashion. And when I’m running out the door, I’m more inclined to throw on a cute Pink Blush floral tee rather than the hubby hand me down.

As I said earlier, be sure to head to my YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE as I will be doing a Pink Blush try-on haul of my favorite pieces soon! I have some maternity, plus-size and standard pieces which I think covers it all, right? 😂 The fact that Pink Blush supports and encourages women of many shapes and sizes to have fashion confidence is a huge reason why I love them!

And YES! All of these Pink Blush pieces can be shopped on their website – shoppinkblush Comment below with what styles you end up loving and if you already have a Pink Blush favorite in your closet!

Straight up sincerely,


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