Is the Owlet worth it?

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This post has been long awaited. I remember a few months back I posted one of my very first blog posts and included the Owlet Smart Sock 2 in my 0-3 Month MUST HAVES. (Read that post here) I immediately received questions about the Owlet in particular. People wanted to know what my experience had been with it. I knew I had to write this post so that other mamas could know all of the details! I’m so excited to be collaborating with Owlet on this blog post to bring you my honest experience and opinion!

Short answer to “Is the Owlet worth it?”: YES! YES! YES!

Before I tell you my personal experience, let’s explore all of the amazing details of the Owlet Sock Sock 2, shall we?

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this product, (where have you been!) the Owlet is a baby care monitor in the form of a smart sock. Your child will wear the sock on either foot when resting while the Owlet tracks your child’s heart rate and oxygen levels and is designed to notify you if either one falls outside the preset range.  The Owlet uses the same red light that doctors clip on your finger in the hospital; Owlet uses pulse oximetry to bring you peace of mind. I think that is straight up awesome!

The  Owlet works using Wi-Fi connecting the sock to the base station. The base station notifies you if readings fall out of normal range using light and sound. The sock is wireless and will work up to 100ft away from the base station! The sock electronic piece uses a rechargeable battery and the battery lasts long enough for almost a full day’s constant use. For example, we place the Owlet on our daughter at night and continue to use it for almost every nap during the day.

The Owlet has an app compatible with both iphone and Android users (Android 4.4 (KITKAT) or higher). The app connects to the base station and allows you to view your child’s heart rate and oxygen levels from anywhere which is one of my absolute favorite features! The few times we’ve left baby with family we could tell when she was sleeping soundly wherever we were! Another awesome thing is that the Owlet will still work even if the app is not for whatever reason. You may not be able to see the exact stat values but the base station will still monitor and notify you if necessary! The Owlet comes with 3 different sizes socks so that the monitor can grow with your baby from about 0-18 months. You’re basically getting a custom fit for your baby which makes the Owlet most effective. Make sure to remember to wash the sock on a regular basis, otherwise you may end up with one stinky baby foot. 😊

Aside from all of the amazing features, my favorite thing about the Owlet is the fact that it’s given me peace of mind. After all, their slogan is ‘Rest Assured’. Being able to go to sleep at night knowing that my daughter is being monitored has been and is still priceless. As a mother, you give birth to this miracle, your child, and it’s your job to keep them safe.  I hear so many sad, scary stories about infant death and the Owlet helps provide peace of mind.

Earlier on in my daughter’s life she suffered from mild reflux. One night my husband and I had just laid down in our bed to sleep, our daughter by our bedside in her bassinet and we heard our daughter begin to choke. I have never moved faster in my life than I did in that moment. I pray that you have never and will never experience the fear that overcame both of us in that moment. We were able to help her and she was okay but needless to say I didn’t go back to sleep the entire night.  The purpose behind the Owlet was solidified for us and even with this experience, the Owlet allows me to sleep a little more soundly at night. We just recently moved my daughter into her own room in her crib and the Owlet continues to provide peace of mind. Hands down, this has been the most important piece we have gotten as new parents.

To address some of the rumoured concerns, I know you’re all wondering about false alarms. And to be honest I think I’ve had a total of 2? Both of which were in the beginning and were most likely from us getting used to placing the sock correctly on such a tiny foot. 😊 The sock has directions directly on it to help you with placement and we haven’t had any issues since. I do believe the original Owlet Smart Sock had more issues with false alarms which were mostly attributed to the 10ft distance requirment. As mentioned above, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 can now be used within 100ft of the base station! Overall, if you’re concerned about false alarms, my stance was that I’d rather deal with false alarms than have no alarm at all. Thankfully it has rarely happened!

One issue we have experienced is the base station disconnecting from Wi-Fi. This is an internet issue on our end and ends up setting off the base station. You’ll want to have a strong, secure connection to avoid this occurence. Should you ever experience any issue or have a concern, Owlet has an amazing tech support team available to help!

Lastly, I know one of the biggest concerns for people is cost. The owlet runs $299.99. Unfortunately not everyone can afford such a luxury. I know that the cost in particular made me think twice initially regarding purchasing, however, ensuring my baby’s safety overulled all of those feelings. We made the Owlet a top priority for us as new parents and continue to make sacrifices so that we could have it. If you’re in a position where you are able to even think about affording this amazing baby item, I urge you to make it happen! It’s even available internationally now!
I hope that you now know fully why we love and depend on the Owlet Smart Sock 2 and that you have enough info to make the decision yourself. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Owlet or leave them below! I would love to hear your experiences with this amazing device as well! If you’re ready to purchase an Owlet Smart Sock 2 for your child/ren consider purchasing through my affiliate link: click here to buy! This will not cost you any extra and supports my blog!
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