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He’s the jolly old soul who comes down your chimney early Christmas morning and leaves gifts under the tree. Or is he the weird old man who is always watching and breaking and entering? 😂

How did you decide as parents whether or not to tell your children about Santa?
Growing up, I knew Santa. I remember him as a happy guy who brought magic to Christmas. He had elves who worked year round to make toys for every girl and boy nationwide. He lived with Mrs. Claus at the North Pole where it was snowy year round and where we would mail our gift requests. He drove a shiny red sleigh with magical flying reindeer. Movies like The Santa Claus were classics and something we loved watching over and over. We left cookies for him Christmas Eve night. We would go to bed but could barely sleep from pure excitement. Christmas morning my brother and I would wake up easily 3+ hours earlier than normal, run to the living room and gasp at the amazingness that was our gifts. Santa always got credit for the best gifts. It was great!

I have such fond memories of those Christmas mornings. I am lucky enough to have a mom who still makes Christmas magical which definitely impacts why I still love this holiday as an adult. You’ll find me putting up our tree right after Halloween. I love spending extended time with friends and family, decorating my home with lights and everything glitter, of course the yummy food, and seeing everyone’s faces as they open gifts. Christmas time is so amazing.

In addition, I was raised in a religious home. I still depend largely on my relationship with God. It was known even at a young age that there was a reason for the season, that we were in fact celebrating Jesus’ birth. Gifts were a bonus. The time spent in service leading up to Christmas could be described as magical as well. Advent is still such a special time to me.
So where does Santa fit in all of this? Depending on your background, religion may not be a factor but there are countless other ones that are making parents second guess telling their children about Santa.

  1. There are Santas everywhere. How do you know which ones are good and which ones are in fact creepy?
  2. How do you combat spoiling your children with the constant expectation of gifts? How do you ensure they are thankful?
  3. What will your child think when they find out Santa isn’t real? Will they be upset that you lied?
  4. If you are religious, how do you keep the focus on the real reason for the season?

As a new mama, I might be a little bit overworried. 😏 Thankfully we are not quite to the point of deciding whether or not we will tell our daughter about Santa. We have a few years. But I’m hoping that maybe by the time its an appropriate topic I will have found a middle ground somewhere within all the Christmas madness – one that allows my daughter to experience the magic but be protected at the same time. I have such fond memories surrounding Christmas in general, including Santa, that I can’t imagine keeping any of that from my daughter.

Let me know, how did you guys decide on what to tell your kids about Santa? Anything you would do different?

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Hope everyone’s holiday season is filled with peace and joy.
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